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Brand work

These are the behind the scene projects, the ones that people get to interact and engage with. No signatures, just for the public. They are some of my favorite projects to be apart of. I'm always looking for new opportunities that present themselves.   

Sounds True Publishing Portraits

Portraits created for Sounds True Publishing Team and Sales and Marketing Team about page

KeVita Love

Seasonal Mural Series for KeVita


I collaborated with the Integer Group, Cayla Chicovsky and Zacharia McKie and KeVita to create a Fall inspired Mural. Additionally, I was asked to create a Winter Mural for KeVita as well. 

Blood, Sweat and Beer: Integer Art Walk Mural

"Paint By Number Mural"


I collaborated with the Integer Group, for their annual Art Walk to create their 17ft "paint by number mural". The line work and numbers were painted first to allow Staff to try their hand at painting pieces of the mural. After the Art Walk, it was touched up and finished.