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Children's Illustration 

Like any adult, I wish to be a kid again. Curious, carefree, and the ultimate risk takers. No hesitations. We just want to play and enjoy the moment. 


Instead of wishing to be a kid again, pick up your favorite children's book and relive that nostalgia. That's what I love about illustrating for kids. Endless possibilities. You can be anything, do anything. Kids look for themselves in these stories and every kid deserves to be seen.

The Legend of Lop-Eared Larry

The Legend of Lop-Eared Larry is a story about a little lop eared bunny who learns to overcome adversity by becoming the hero of his own story. This collaboration was with Author Natasha Wing (Hester Applebee). Available for Purchase on Amazon.

Wild Wolf Pup

Wild Wolf Pup is an exploratory children's book written by Author Lauren Aboussie. Visit WildWolfPup on Instagram to view more and to purchase the book.


Children's Illustration

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